Q - How do I Purchase a Gift Voucher?
A - You can:
a) Send a cheque to our recording studio address here - Include the name of of who the gift voucher is for & full address details to where the voucher will be sent to (+ tel & email).
b) Book securely online (AVAILABLE SOON) from our prices page - again, include your email, tel number & address details + the name of the person whom the voucher is for.

Q - I have Received a Gift Voucher - what do i do now?
A - First, if you haven't got a date for you recording session on the voucher - you need to call the studio 'not less than 2 weeks' before you would like to book your recording session. You also need to email a list of four songs that you would like to record (in order of preference). We'll then purchase one or more of the tracks (depending on which gift voucher you have purchased & what tracks are available).
Your backing tracks will be emailed to you normally within 48 hours of receiving your list. We can usually get hold of 95% of requested tracks.

Q - How do we book a time for recording?
A - a) your voucher is valid for 6 months and you can book anytime.
b) If you prefer, before purchasing the voucher - you can contact the studio to find out what times are available and book your recording session in advance. There are always 3 sessions per day (AM & PM) and there is usually at least one session free.

Q - What should we do to prepare for filming our Music Video?
A - Firstly - make sure you have purchased your gift voucher 2 weeks before your recording studio session.
If it's an upbeat fun party type track, work out several dance moves at your friends houses ready for the day - watch some music videos on youtube too. Also, it's always great to do whatever you feel like doing at the time & let things happen naturally on the day (our videographer has lots of creative ideas and will always make the filming easy, lots of fun and enjoyable)..

Q - Are the gift vouchers just for singers?
A - No, these are gifts for all kinds of musicians (DJ's, guitar, cello, double bass, cello, clarinet, flute etc).
Often, people have a spouse or friend that is an amateur musician and the vouchers make an excellent opportunity to to professionally record a short CD to pass around the family or even record companies etc.
There are many practicing musicians, you may have a child or partner learning an instrument, or taking music grades etc - the vouchers make a very thoughtful gift for all there hard work.
It's also a great documentation of their progress as a musician.

Q - How long are the recording studio gift vouchers valid for?
A - All our gift vouchers are valid for a period of 6 months.

Q - How long will it take to receive my recording studio gift voucher?
A - You will receive your voucher within 10 days (normally within 5 days)

Q - How long will it take to receive our finished CD/DVD?
A - You will receive your finished CD's DVD's within 10 days of your recording session (normally within 5 days).

Q - I want it to be a surprise, but want my child/friend to be able to practice the tracks before the recording session - what do we do?l of thi
A - a) Firstly, find out their favorite tracks (preferably ones they can pretty much sing to).
b) Contact the studio at least 10 days beforehand and we'll see what tracks are available.
c) We'll then purchase the backing tracks for you (included in price) & email them to you.
You can simply pass these on to the singer as a little gift to sing to - without mentioning the session.

Q - Do you produce full albums / record bands etc.
A - Yes, our vouchers are a great way to introduce people to the recording studio & make a very special gift. Every piece of music that is recorded here is engineered in the same way and mastered to a professional standard.
For artists producing a full album or more in-depth recording, more time is often needed - the studio offers other discounts for pro - amateur acts. We particularly specialize in small/medium acoustic ensembles as well as offering a professional voice over recording facility.


All our recording studio gift sessions at Red Diesel start with complimentary Drinks in our reception area, then - it's into the studio. Red Diesel have recorded for many professional Film & TV projects & pride ourselves on being at the forefront of Music Technology as well as owning the finest speech/Instrumental recording equipment available.

Before the recording session, our engineer will put you at ease and gently warm up the vocal chords. The recording session begins initially with a few practice run through's to get the fee

ngs. No need to worry about being in perfect tune as we have post production in-house pitch correction facilities, you'll sound great! There's absolutely no pressure to get things right first time and we'll go over any awkward parts separately. After a short Break, we then go to work on polishing the recorded parts with overdubs.

Then (where applicable) after a break, it's the real fun part - creating a music video from one of the tracks you have sung - an experience that you'll have to remember forever in years to come!
The atmosphere is always relaxed & by this time everyone is comfortable


Then it's time to relax and watch the initial stages of engineering your track for final mixdown - you'll have the opportunity to do a little mixing your own track! We're very professional at Red Diesel and no track can leave our studio until it's been given the same polished treatment as a film soundtrack or pop song, we'll finish off the final edit and have it in the post to you within 10 days.